Jay Campbell’s 1993 Volkswagen Jetta 1.8T

I met Jay not too long ago and knew he had some cool things rattling around his head, mostly because when I met him he was building a MK3 Jetta coupe with full shaved bay and MK4 interior and also had a 24V VR6 powered MK3 Jetta as well, but those arn’t this car.

This is Jays finished project (for the most part) an early OBD1 Volkswagen Jetta in an awfully rare OEM teal colour, but that’s not what makes this car special, it’s the 262WHP VW 1.8T heart under the hood that makes this car different from all the other MK3’s out there

Having watched and known about this car coming together for a while I couldn’t wait to see it all buttoned up. The motor was originally from a admittedly pretty rough MK4 Jetta but Jay being a gear head and a powdercoater at the time made quick work of sprucing up not only the looks but the performance of the motor. Then down the line it got transplanted into his MK3 and the rest is history.

Lots of other work has gone into this teal rocket, and I can tell you that it’s not just all looks, after having Jay take me for a ride up to his shop in this monster I can say its hands down the quickest VW I have ever had the honor of riding in.

Naturally this is an unfinished project that seems to be literally evolving every day, from summer wheels and spacers, custom hood scoops, to the usual MK3 rust issues this car will never truly be done and that’s the way we like it! We’ll keep you updated as things happen but until then here are all the specs and some more iPhone shots.

2001 awd 20v 1.8t (262whp 290lbs, holds 20lbs till redline)
3″ maf
550cc inj
New south power gasket
Eurospot diverter valve
3″ turboback catless exhaust
N249/PVC/evap delete
5spd 02j tranny and gearbox
F21t frankenturbo/k04 hybrid
Fatty exhaust manifold
Powersteering/ac delete
RS tuned software.
Converted to me7 wideband awp ecu
Drive by wire gas pedal assembly
fully functional mk3 factory cluster

Full late vr6 11.3 brakes
New bushings/bearings on 4 corners
Late vr hd strut mounts
Race land coils
Stg 1 bfi motor mounts

17×8.5 mistral speedline corsa
Et 18 front final et
Et 8 rear final
205/40/17s falken 512
Rolled fenders

Early black vento dash
Two tone tan interior
Late vr6 cloth seats
VDO boost guage


Trip to extra-sunny Pompano Beach, Florida

I recently went to Pompano Beach, Florida to check out a local car show. It was dope. Tons of awesome boxed out cars. I will have to make a post about it soon. This one is more of a blog post about the trip itself.

Pompano Beach is situated in the state of Florida, USA. It is a seaside town, part of the soundcloud rap famous Broward County. It is one of the best towns to enjoy the ocean all the activities that come with it like fishing, jet-skiing, kayaking and paddle boarding in Broward county Florida.

sunny isles beach

The rap community has strong traditions in this part of the state going back a long time. It really found it’s place in the scene with the explosion of sound cloud rappers like Denzel Curry, SpaceGhostPurp and XXXTentacion. The community of rap artists, found back then is still alive and popin these days as well. Many aspiring scene groupies followed them and found their new home in the Pompano Beach. Sunny weather and the nice climate all the year round aren’t the only things responsible for it’s popularity as a vacation destination.

Numerous interesting areas to get into some watersports in the region of the Pompano Beach. Some of them are the Quiet Waters Park  that has wakeboarding and waterskiing on a lake and Life’s a Beach Water Sports who offer jet ski rentals, SUP rentals, kayaks, and all kinds of other fun stuff .

If you plan on spending time vacationing in Pompano Beach, Florida there there are many exciting  ocean-side activities available for you to try. On my trip there I stayed at the Lighthouse Cove Resort hotel and spend most of my time on the beach at the near by Pompano Beach Jet Ski Rental. Lighthouse Cove Resort was a nice hotel for the money but the neighboring watersport equipment rental place called Life’s a Beach Watersports was definitely  the highlight of my stay. I swear they must have the best jetski rentals in Pompano Beach or Fort Lauderdale! I also tried paddle boards for the first time while there, which my girl really enjoyed.

The cultural life of the area is very interesting. There are many events to be seen while spending a vacation in Pompano Beach. The summer months are reserved for the annual Pageant of Masters. It is an art festival, which is organized in the region. The purpose of the festival is to recreate famous masterpieces of the contemporary and classic art. They are made by the present artists and the one which looks closest to the original is the winner. The parts of the recreated work are values by the costumes used, the light, the make-up, the hairdressing and all other smaller and bigger details, which are characterizing the piece of art. Other art festival, that are famous in the area are the Art-a-Fair, the Sawdust Art Festival and the Festival of Arts.

There are some events, dedicated to the music in the region. The most popular of them are organized by the Pompano Beach Chamber Music Society. It is held during the winter each year. The Chamber has long traditions in the organizing of music events. Like the activity of the organization is non-profitable, so are the concerts, held in the area.

The most visited museum is the Pompano Art Museum. One of its most popular exhibitions is the Emergent Media Phenomenon. It has been shown to the visitors of the museum since 2012. Today the newest exhibition is the one, which is dedicated to the artist Roger Edward Kuntz.

The cultural life of the place can be completed by the activity of the Pompano Playhouse. It is one of the theatres located in the area. The institution is celebrating its ninetieth anniversary and is still giving to its visitors the pleasure to enjoy one of the best plays, presented. Another option for the free time of the visitors is to follow one of the history tours, organized in the area.

The tourists who like the nature can enjoy the wildlife and observe some of the most unique processes in the region. Whale and dolphin watching are the activities, which are the most impressive for the visitors of the place.

There are many outdoor sport facilities available in the place. Many tennis courts are opened for public use, so are the golf courses and the swimming pools.

The only winery with a wine tasting room is situated in the Pompano Beach. The products made in the winery are high quality and its tasting will be great experience. At the wine shops in the winery, the visitors will not only be able to buy some of their favorite products, but also take part in the corporate events held in there.

Flashback Friday: Vegas Baby!

Going to try to make a Flashback Friday post on Fridays at least once a month.

Most people go on family vacations to spend time by the pool, go see the sights with the folks or to take in a show after hours. But when I visited the city of sin I wasted no time going to visit my long time friend Ian Perri and his amazing Datsun 280ZX.

Ian Perri's 280ZX

Everything about this car is unique and has a story, from the one off aluminum wheels, to the custom made suspension and axles right down to the massive crater in the side of the car that almost ended this build before it started! However that didn’t stop Ian from making this zedder a hard core roller and an amazing drift machine. Running the original inline 6 with some performance tweaks like side draft carbs and some nice touches like a wire tuck and custom powder coated valve cover set this car apart under the hood

Photo by: Ian Perri

Also on this battle scarred car is a retro 80’s body kit and a slew of other rare parts (see the 280ZXR rear whale tail) and even though the rear quarter was caved in by a careless Ford driver, this slick-top 280 has some serious work put into it! This build can’t be stopped and doesn’t look like its slowing down any time soon so keep an eye here because this isn’t the last you’ll see of this Z.

DSC_0004 (3) DSC_0005 (3) DSC_0007 (3) DSC_0006 (3)

(Pictures by Ian Perri and James Hennebury, article by James Hennebury)

Pride and Passion

There are a lot of “car” guys out there, they pour over their cars, polishing them, adding those hard to find bits and filling their heads with every last bit of written knowledge they can on their ride. They treat their car better then they treat themselves and sometimes even others, they spare no expense and enjoy every blissful moment the wheels are turning against the earth. I can think of no one who fits this description better than this month’s feature, Bronson Bailey.


Bronson started his car guy phase with a 1990 MK2 Volkswagen Golf, it was automatic and as he says “Had a seriously massive sound system” in it. Since that car it’s been 22 (yes that’s right Twenty Two) cars but none were as special or embodied the “car guys car” feeling more than his green 1990 MK2 Volkswagen Jetta Coupe aka “The Coupe.”


It was bought as basically a shell and quickly had a full drive train and running gear overhaul including new brakes, steering components, Raceland coil-over suspension a VR6 swap that would later in its life propel the coupe to run a 14.4 second run in the quarter mile, a fact that even when you talk about the coupe with Bronson today he will bring up almost immediately no matter how many times you have heard the story before. The coupe underwent many changes in its life from being painted gloss “Ninja Turtle Green” to running a ground breaking (at the time) setup of an early westy front end with late model big bumpers and many other changes such as more shades of green, different wheel and tire combos (My personal favourite were the white Gottis) and a bevy of unusual and rare bits that made true MK2 Water-cooled VW fans drool.


Unfortunatly as Kanye West so gracefully put it “No one man can have all that power” and the coupe blew up its 3rd transmission, that mixed with the fact that there was a massive oil leak forming in the VR put the car off the road for some time before it was sadly sold off to a… shall we say less deserving kid who had blown up his coupe previously.


So what’s next for Bronson? “As for future plans? Most likely a BMW or Mercedes but I’ll guess we will have to wait and see but I think it’s going to be a red one either way.” Sounds good to us Bron.


Thanks to Bronson for the interview and pictures, special thanks to Matt Berenz as well since he took the really good ones!

Flashback Friday: Patrick Cristobal


I only got to meet Pat a few times, but each time I saw him his Golf was different. Everything and anything seemed to go; houndstooth quarter panels, sticker bombs, zip-tie stitched dents even bozo style twin victory pipes. Best part was it wasn’t all looks, the car was on VMAXX adjustable coilovers all around and the little 2.0L 4cyl was chipped and had a custom ported throttle body by our very own Dan Leskie (a legend in his own right.) This car was truly an acquired taste but man did I love seeing it, I even tried buying it when it came up for sale not once but twice! However all good stories need and end and sadly this one ends with this little Golf leaving in a 6X6 cube from the scrap yard. But never fear! As you’ll see in coming months parts off this car did survive and have made their way into some truly awesome rides!

DSC_0143 DSC_0145 DSC_0125

Also on a side note check out these cool ass shoes I found. They’re freaking dope.

Polishing a Turd

I always feel bad about writing about my own car, it always feels like some sort of written masterbation, but in this case I don’t care. Starting late 2013. I decided I wanted to finally have a car I could show at shows and possibly win something with and thus bit the bullet and did the unthinkable,

Dropped money on a MK3 VW Golf.

More specifically I put air ride in my CL Golf that replaced the MK2 I loved, but of course that came to a disastrous end when a 17 year old girl texted her way into the rear of my future show car writing it off. Through a stoke of luck however and a friend who has connections all over I was directed towards something better, rarer, more exotic; another MK3 Golf CL, but with a twist! This one was Dusty Mauve (read: Purple) and was from Belgium.


It was all I could have hoped for, a real euro car in a rare colour, it had it all, weird bumpers, no-AC, delete panels all over and it was an obscure euro only edition (New Orleans edition)

The plan was set, fix rust, install air ride, ram full of rare parts. And so I started collecting, period correct Fisher tape holder? Check. Euro hatch Heckblende? Check. Obscure woodgrain steering wheel? Got that too.




Other than loafing on posting here I have also loafted on installing things like my expensive air ride and haven’t found a nice enough day to fix the rust spots but that’s the thing about polishing anything, even a turd like a MK3 Golf, it looks rough until the final buff and then even if it’s just a shiny lump of anything, it’s yours to be proud of and that’s my end goal. Hopefully I can get off my ass long enough to keep updating this as I go.

Thanks for reading, here’s some more pictures at a local pre-season show.





Snow day with Devo


Every neighbourhood has “that guy”, we all know the type, loud cars, louder music, always something going on. For my quiet grown-up suburb, I am that guy, and when friends come to visit? It gets even worse.


We’d gotten somewhat of an ice storm, but friend of the website Devo was still keen to show off his car to me for the first time, and I was more than happy to point my camera at it. We headed up the street to a quiet Elementary school parking lot to hit some angles and get some practice in.


Gotta say, Devo is pretty crazy for driving this thing year round, fixing what he breaks, putting up with limited grip and minimal ground clearance. It paints a good picture of what we’re all like here at Bawxcars. We haven’t got the money for winter cars or daily drivers, so we beat, break, and fix our project cars.


Thanks Devocat, I’m now scouring autotrader and craigslist for something rwd to trade my car for. Bugger.


Did I mention it was icy?

A white rabbit

Kristoff Hemet, the man, the legend, at least around these parts it seems. We first met Kristoff and his gorgeous E28 randomly at a local friend Steve’s garage (more on him in a later feature). We found out that Steve had contacted him randomly off StanceWorks and had asked Kristoff to meet up with him during one of our weekly Pickering VW/ScrapedCrusaders meets. Now lets backtrack a little bit here; we had all seen Kristoff many times before rolling around locally in his slammed 1985 BMW 528e, but we had no idea who he was or where in the world he had come from! But as we got to know him and what he was about he became just one of the group, another car loving low junky with a radical ride that has an even more radical story, but I’ll leave it to Kristoff to tell that.


BC(BawxCars): What made you fall in love with these big old Beemers?

KH(Kristoff): 6 years ago when I was 15 I was working a summer job helping around a small shop downtown, you know sweeping, cleanup, generally helping out. There was a friend of the shop owners who used to come around in random cars he saved from the scrappers, one of these cars that he brought around every now and again was an old E28 528e. One day he was banging out a dent in the front fender and says “Hey, lets go for a coffee run” and we peel out in this hooptie of an E28 (dented, no paint, exhaust clinging to life) and he’s driving it like it’s an M5 on the Ring! Needless to say after that I was hooked!

BC: Only 15? That’s really young to get such a strong attraction. So what happened after that?

KH: I went online and started researching E28’s like mad and saw that a lot of car enthusiasts loved them, especially the 528e’s so that got me thinking that this would be an appropriate car to get when I got my licence.

BC: So this is your first car?!?

KH: Yea haha, I ended up getting a job at that shop but it had been 3 years since that ride and I was starting to look at more “reasonable” cars like VW ‘s and Volvo’s but the shop had two E28’s sitting out front, an 88 and an 85, both 528e’s both blue on blue, both in excellent shape. The sales person knew I was a huge BMW fan and suggested I look at one even though all the guys in the shop said I should be weary and I was already hesitant because of their prices but regardless I was about to go look at a Volvo 850 when my boss said I should take the 528 out there to look at it. 10 minutes later I wasn’t even thinking about the Volvo anymore, we got back and I worked out a price for my first car, this 1985 BMW 528e in arktisblau.
BC: That’s one hell of a story man!

KH: But it gets better! I met the previous owner of the car, a man named Gus, and as we were talking I thought “He looks familiar” but I couldn’t place from where, we start talking and I take him for a ride and we both slowly realize… This is the E28 I had taken a ride in 3 years ago!! The one that started it all! It looked nothing like it did before but it was the exact same one and the exact same guy. I was pretty shocked and stoked.

BC: Wow. That’s amazing! How many people can claim a story like that? What have you done to this unicorn since then?

KH: I have all custom build coils on the car using modified VW Corrado shocks in the front, I swapped the motor not too long ago from a newer 528E and currently I am fixing all the rust on the car for a big debut sometime soon. You won’t even recognize it when its done.

BC: Thanks ‘Stoff, can’t wait to see how it ends up!


We’ll be updating time to time with what Kristoff does with his E28 but if you want some faster updates on it follow him on Instagram: @e28stoff

Owner: Kristoff Hemet
Car: 1985 BMW 528e
Motor: Stock M20 “High Efficiency” 2.7L 12V Inline 6 hooked up to the stock 5spd manual gearbox.
Drivetrain: Stock rear wheel drive configuration with IRS.
Suspension: Custom coil-overs on Corrado shocks in the front
Wheels: 15X7 et0 1 piece Gottis with 195/60 tires
Interior: Stock blue vinyl
Special Mods: You’ll see 😉
Special thanks to Kristoff for his time, pictures and his awesome car