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Snow day with Devo


Every neighbourhood has “that guy”, we all know the type, loud cars, louder music, always something going on. For my quiet grown-up suburb, I am that guy, and when friends come to visit? It gets even worse.


We’d gotten somewhat of an ice storm, but friend of the website Devo was still keen to show off his car to me for the first time, and I was more than happy to point my camera at it. We headed up the street to a quiet Elementary school parking lot to hit some angles and get some practice in.

_DSC0440 _DSC0441 _DSC0444 _DSC0446

Gotta say, Devo is pretty crazy for driving this thing year round, fixing what he breaks, putting up with limited grip and minimal ground clearance. It paints a good picture of what we’re all like here at Bawxcars. We haven’t got the money for winter cars or daily drivers, so we beat, break, and fix our project cars.

_DSC0453 _DSC0457 _DSC0461 _DSC0487

Thanks Devocat, I’m now scouring autotrader and craigslist for something rwd to trade my car for. Bugger.


Did I mention it was icy?

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Teaser: Refresher Course







My childhood best friend Brian texted me about this time last year saying “get your passport, I’ve bought a Miata and I need someone to come pick it up in New York with me”, I knew the car wouldn’t stay stock long. Along with warmer days and longer evenings, summer brought along a lip and a factory hard top, along with some added audio touches to turn the car into a nice little twisty road beater, but that wasn’t enough for Brian, as soon as the parking plate went on and the car went into storage at a friend’s warehouse, the decision was made. “Let’s refresh the motor, replace every single gasket, and add a bigger cam.” Suspension has been sourced, the right wheels have been decided on and I’m going to bring you every step of the project. Winter is a tough time in Canada when it comes to shooting content for Car blogs, as most of the really cool stuff has gone into hibernation, I’m here to show you exactly what happens in those months.





I wasn’t able to stay long, but what I did learn was that the team of Brian, Remi, and Frank know their shit, and had the front end of this little car disassembled and engine ready to come out within an hour.


This is, so far, the only rust that’s been found on the entire car. I wish mine looked this clean


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Holiday Wrap; From me to you.

With the year drawing to an end and most if us in a deep freeze I want to take this time to thank everyone that frequents our site and likes the content it contains.

Now with the mushy stuff out of the way, I have quite a lot of material left over from the year including my lackluster coverage of H2O 2013 which I will now give to you and HOPEFULLY (coughJETTcough) posts up his as well in short order.

Words aside, happy holidays from the Bawxcars goons to you lovely people, enjoy




















Hopefully next year I get more than 60 shots haha maybe I should lay off the sauce

Happy Everything!

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mk2sday…. again.

Winter is upon us. A foot of the white stuff arrives tomorrow. There’s a very special feature I’m working on that is now in the work-space and about to go under the knife. The attitude around here has gotten somewhat excited deep down in the inner workings of Bawxcars, and we can’t wait for you to see what we have in store. Until then, another picture of my damn car.


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Well, it’s Tuesday again. Probably the second best day of the week over here at Bawxcars (wagons ALWAYS win), but we’ve been slacking as of late. Speaking of slacking, I think I’ll use this mkII post to introduce my own project that’s been on the back burner the last year, I could go on with excuse after excuse, but you’ve heard them all before. This rusted, dented, neglected hunk of rotting Wolfsburg metal is Charlotte the Harlot, My 1990.5 Big Bumper Jetta. It’s got an ABA swap with shitty wiring, some cheapo coils and a set of Comfortable Recaros to sit in when waiting on the flatbed. aaaaaaaaand I miss it. Make this a promise, to both myself and you the reader, we will post more content in the coming months and I will finally get my shitbox running again. Mark my words, the winter of 2013-14 is going to be a good one.



Everyone has their dream winter project. Some people hunker down and build their race cars, some take their show car off the road to do some crazy fab work it come out strong in spring. For us this winter the cars have taken the back burner so we could focus our motivation on this:


The infamous garage. No build is complete or even STARTED without a good work space. It makes or breaks the project. Can’t shave a bay without a good place to let everything set, can’t build a motor without a good bench to line up all your freshly powder coated parts, can’t even have a future barn find without the barn!



We have started working hard to get it to be a place that we won’t mind being in when the sub zero temps hit us hard, or spending late nights in getting one of our monsters running just right before a track day, and hopefully by spring this shed will be much more then just dim cold storage, it will be somewhere that memories will be made and dreams will come true.

And even before that… The projects begin. Enter the Alfa Romeo 164 L.




A long running project of our own Stuart Todd this massive Italian will hopefully be the first of many exotic projects to roll out of our (insert-name-here) Garage and like Jeremy Clarkson said “You can’t be a true petrol head until you’ve owned an Alfa.”



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