Thinking outside the Bawx.



Everyone has their dream winter project. Some people hunker down and build their race cars, some take their show car off the road to do some crazy fab work it come out strong in spring. For us this winter the cars have taken the back burner so we could focus our motivation on this:


The infamous garage. No build is complete or even STARTED without a good work space. It makes or breaks the project. Can’t shave a bay without a good place to let everything set, can’t build a motor without a good bench to line up all your freshly powder coated parts, can’t even have a future barn find without the barn!



We have started working hard to get it to be a place that we won’t mind being in when the sub zero temps hit us hard, or spending late nights in getting one of our monsters running just right before a track day, and hopefully by spring this shed will be much more then just dim cold storage, it will be somewhere that memories will be made and dreams will come true.

And even before that… The projects begin. Enter the Alfa Romeo 164 L.




A long running project of our own Stuart Todd this massive Italian will hopefully be the first of many exotic projects to roll out of our (insert-name-here) Garage and like Jeremy Clarkson said “You can’t be a true petrol head until you’ve owned an Alfa.”


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Author: jiggawattjames

What can I say about me? I love all things automotive and I love the lifestyle that goes along with that car guy mentality.

2 thoughts on “Hibernation

  1. 10/10 would read again. Any chance we can get more info on stuart todd? he sounds hot/awesome

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