Polishing a Turd

I always feel bad about writing about my own car, it always feels like some sort of written masterbation, but in this case I don’t care. Starting late 2013. I decided I wanted to finally have a car I could show at shows and possibly win something with and thus bit the bullet and did the unthinkable,

Dropped money on a MK3 VW Golf.

More specifically I put air ride in my CL Golf that replaced the MK2 I loved, but of course that came to a disastrous end when a 17 year old girl texted her way into the rear of my future show car writing it off. Through a stoke of luck however and a friend who has connections all over I was directed towards something better, rarer, more exotic; another MK3 Golf CL, but with a twist! This one was Dusty Mauve (read: Purple) and was from Belgium.


It was all I could have hoped for, a real euro car in a rare colour, it had it all, weird bumpers, no-AC, delete panels all over and it was an obscure euro only edition (New Orleans edition)

The plan was set, fix rust, install air ride, ram full of rare parts. And so I started collecting, period correct Fisher tape holder? Check. Euro hatch Heckblende? Check. Obscure woodgrain steering wheel? Got that too.




Other than loafing on posting here I have also loafted on installing things like my expensive air ride and haven’t found a nice enough day to fix the rust spots but that’s the thing about polishing anything, even a turd like a MK3 Golf, it looks rough until the final buff and then even if it’s just a shiny lump of anything, it’s yours to be proud of and that’s my end goal. Hopefully I can get off my ass long enough to keep updating this as I go.

Thanks for reading, here’s some more pictures at a local pre-season show.





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