Flashback Friday: Patrick Cristobal


I only got to meet Pat a few times, but each time I saw him his Golf was different. Everything and anything seemed to go; houndstooth quarter panels, sticker bombs, zip-tie stitched dents even bozo style twin victory pipes. Best part was it wasn’t all looks, the car was on VMAXX adjustable coilovers all around and the little 2.0L 4cyl was chipped and had a custom ported throttle body by our very own Dan Leskie (a legend in his own right.) This car was truly an acquired taste but man did I love seeing it, I even tried buying it when it came up for sale not once but twice! However all good stories need and end and sadly this one ends with this little Golf leaving in a 6X6 cube from the scrap yard. But never fear! As you’ll see in coming months parts off this car did survive and have made their way into some truly awesome rides!

DSC_0143 DSC_0145 DSC_0125

Also on a side note check out these cool ass shoes I found. They’re freaking dope.

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