Pride and Passion

There are a lot of “car” guys out there, they pour over their cars, polishing them, adding those hard to find bits and filling their heads with every last bit of written knowledge they can on their ride. They treat their car better then they treat themselves and sometimes even others, they spare no expense and enjoy every blissful moment the wheels are turning against the earth. I can think of no one who fits this description better than this month’s feature, Bronson Bailey.


Bronson started his car guy phase with a 1990 MK2 Volkswagen Golf, it was automatic and as he says “Had a seriously massive sound system” in it. Since that car it’s been 22 (yes that’s right Twenty Two) cars but none were as special or embodied the “car guys car” feeling more than his green 1990 MK2 Volkswagen Jetta Coupe aka “The Coupe.”


It was bought as basically a shell and quickly had a full drive train and running gear overhaul including new brakes, steering components, Raceland coil-over suspension a VR6 swap that would later in its life propel the coupe to run a 14.4 second run in the quarter mile, a fact that even when you talk about the coupe with Bronson today he will bring up almost immediately no matter how many times you have heard the story before. The coupe underwent many changes in its life from being painted gloss “Ninja Turtle Green” to running a ground breaking (at the time) setup of an early westy front end with late model big bumpers and many other changes such as more shades of green, different wheel and tire combos (My personal favourite were the white Gottis) and a bevy of unusual and rare bits that made true MK2 Water-cooled VW fans drool.


Unfortunatly as Kanye West so gracefully put it “No one man can have all that power” and the coupe blew up its 3rd transmission, that mixed with the fact that there was a massive oil leak forming in the VR put the car off the road for some time before it was sadly sold off to a… shall we say less deserving kid who had blown up his coupe previously.


So what’s next for Bronson? “As for future plans? Most likely a BMW or Mercedes but I’ll guess we will have to wait and see but I think it’s going to be a red one either way.” Sounds good to us Bron.


Thanks to Bronson for the interview and pictures, special thanks to Matt Berenz as well since he took the really good ones!

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