Jay Campbell’s 1993 Volkswagen Jetta 1.8T

I met Jay not too long ago and knew he had some cool things rattling around his head, mostly because when I met him he was building a MK3 Jetta coupe with full shaved bay and MK4 interior and also had a 24V VR6 powered MK3 Jetta as well, but those arn’t this car.

This is Jays finished project (for the most part) an early OBD1 Volkswagen Jetta in an awfully rare OEM teal colour, but that’s not what makes this car special, it’s the 262WHP VW 1.8T heart under the hood that makes this car different from all the other MK3’s out there

Having watched and known about this car coming together for a while I couldn’t wait to see it all buttoned up. The motor was originally from a admittedly pretty rough MK4 Jetta but Jay being a gear head and a powdercoater at the time made quick work of sprucing up not only the looks but the performance of the motor. Then down the line it got transplanted into his MK3 and the rest is history.

Lots of other work has gone into this teal rocket, and I can tell you that it’s not just all looks, after having Jay take me for a ride up to his shop in this monster I can say its hands down the quickest VW I have ever had the honor of riding in.

Naturally this is an unfinished project that seems to be literally evolving every day, from summer wheels and spacers, custom hood scoops, to the usual MK3 rust issues this car will never truly be done and that’s the way we like it! We’ll keep you updated as things happen but until then here are all the specs and some more iPhone shots.

2001 awd 20v 1.8t (262whp 290lbs, holds 20lbs till redline)
3″ maf
550cc inj
New south power gasket
Eurospot diverter valve
3″ turboback catless exhaust
N249/PVC/evap delete
5spd 02j tranny and gearbox
F21t frankenturbo/k04 hybrid
Fatty exhaust manifold
Powersteering/ac delete
RS tuned software.
Converted to me7 wideband awp ecu
Drive by wire gas pedal assembly
fully functional mk3 factory cluster

Full late vr6 11.3 brakes
New bushings/bearings on 4 corners
Late vr hd strut mounts
Race land coils
Stg 1 bfi motor mounts

17×8.5 mistral speedline corsa
Et 18 front final et
Et 8 rear final
205/40/17s falken 512
Rolled fenders

Early black vento dash
Two tone tan interior
Late vr6 cloth seats
VDO boost guage


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