They say starting is the hardest part, and they’re right. This has been a decision almost 6 months in the making and it wasn’t easy. A name had to be chosen and good people had to be picked to add content. Bawxcars is a name with history, hilarity and a lot of thinking behind it and now it exists here. Hopefully through this portal we can not only show you cool ass stuff but give you a peek into the world of the backyard build, the “always on a high school budget” build and even the “I have had this car for 10 years” build.

This isn’t an internet fame thing, it’s a “Lets build some awesome cars and have a kick ass time” thing.

We’ll be here giving you a cool look at our local car scene, behind the scenes on some sick builds and some awesome profiles on the people who bring you the cars you’ll see and love.

You’re going to like what you see




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