Polishing a Turd

I always feel bad about writing about my own car, it always feels like some sort of written masterbation, but in this case I don’t care. Starting late 2013. I decided I wanted to finally have a car I could show at shows and possibly win something with and thus bit the bullet and did the unthinkable,

Dropped money on a MK3 VW Golf.

More specifically I put air ride in my CL Golf that replaced the MK2 I loved, but of course that came to a disastrous end when a 17 year old girl texted her way into the rear of my future show car writing it off. Through a stoke of luck however and a friend who has connections all over I was directed towards something better, rarer, more exotic; another MK3 Golf CL, but with a twist! This one was Dusty Mauve (read: Purple) and was from Belgium.


It was all I could have hoped for, a real euro car in a rare colour, it had it all, weird bumpers, no-AC, delete panels all over and it was an obscure euro only edition (New Orleans edition)

The plan was set, fix rust, install air ride, ram full of rare parts. And so I started collecting, period correct Fisher tape holder? Check. Euro hatch Heckblende? Check. Obscure woodgrain steering wheel? Got that too.




Other than loafing on posting here I have also loafted on installing things like my expensive air ride and haven’t found a nice enough day to fix the rust spots but that’s the thing about polishing anything, even a turd like a MK3 Golf, it looks rough until the final buff and then even if it’s just a shiny lump of anything, it’s yours to be proud of and that’s my end goal. Hopefully I can get off my ass long enough to keep updating this as I go.

Thanks for reading, here’s some more pictures at a local pre-season show.





Snow day with Devo


Every neighbourhood has “that guy”, we all know the type, loud cars, louder music, always something going on. For my quiet grown-up suburb, I am that guy, and when friends come to visit? It gets even worse.


We’d gotten somewhat of an ice storm, but friend of the website Devo was still keen to show off his car to me for the first time, and I was more than happy to point my camera at it. We headed up the street to a quiet Elementary school parking lot to hit some angles and get some practice in.


Gotta say, Devo is pretty crazy for driving this thing year round, fixing what he breaks, putting up with limited grip and minimal ground clearance. It paints a good picture of what we’re all like here at Bawxcars. We haven’t got the money for winter cars or daily drivers, so we beat, break, and fix our project cars.


Thanks Devocat, I’m now scouring autotrader and craigslist for something rwd to trade my car for. Bugger.


Did I mention it was icy?

A white rabbit

Kristoff Hemet, the man, the legend, at least around these parts it seems. We first met Kristoff and his gorgeous E28 randomly at a local friend Steve’s garage (more on him in a later feature). We found out that Steve had contacted him randomly off StanceWorks and had asked Kristoff to meet up with him during one of our weekly Pickering VW/ScrapedCrusaders meets. Now lets backtrack a little bit here; we had all seen Kristoff many times before rolling around locally in his slammed 1985 BMW 528e, but we had no idea who he was or where in the world he had come from! But as we got to know him and what he was about he became just one of the group, another car loving low junky with a radical ride that has an even more radical story, but I’ll leave it to Kristoff to tell that.


BC(BawxCars): What made you fall in love with these big old Beemers?

KH(Kristoff): 6 years ago when I was 15 I was working a summer job helping around a small shop downtown, you know sweeping, cleanup, generally helping out. There was a friend of the shop owners who used to come around in random cars he saved from the scrappers, one of these cars that he brought around every now and again was an old E28 528e. One day he was banging out a dent in the front fender and says “Hey, lets go for a coffee run” and we peel out in this hooptie of an E28 (dented, no paint, exhaust clinging to life) and he’s driving it like it’s an M5 on the Ring! Needless to say after that I was hooked!

BC: Only 15? That’s really young to get such a strong attraction. So what happened after that?

KH: I went online and started researching E28’s like mad and saw that a lot of car enthusiasts loved them, especially the 528e’s so that got me thinking that this would be an appropriate car to get when I got my licence.

BC: So this is your first car?!?

KH: Yea haha, I ended up getting a job at that shop but it had been 3 years since that ride and I was starting to look at more “reasonable” cars like VW ‘s and Volvo’s but the shop had two E28’s sitting out front, an 88 and an 85, both 528e’s both blue on blue, both in excellent shape. The sales person knew I was a huge BMW fan and suggested I look at one even though all the guys in the shop said I should be weary and I was already hesitant because of their prices but regardless I was about to go look at a Volvo 850 when my boss said I should take the 528 out there to look at it. 10 minutes later I wasn’t even thinking about the Volvo anymore, we got back and I worked out a price for my first car, this 1985 BMW 528e in arktisblau.
BC: That’s one hell of a story man!

KH: But it gets better! I met the previous owner of the car, a man named Gus, and as we were talking I thought “He looks familiar” but I couldn’t place from where, we start talking and I take him for a ride and we both slowly realize… This is the E28 I had taken a ride in 3 years ago!! The one that started it all! It looked nothing like it did before but it was the exact same one and the exact same guy. I was pretty shocked and stoked.

BC: Wow. That’s amazing! How many people can claim a story like that? What have you done to this unicorn since then?

KH: I have all custom build coils on the car using modified VW Corrado shocks in the front, I swapped the motor not too long ago from a newer 528E and currently I am fixing all the rust on the car for a big debut sometime soon. You won’t even recognize it when its done.

BC: Thanks ‘Stoff, can’t wait to see how it ends up!


We’ll be updating time to time with what Kristoff does with his E28 but if you want some faster updates on it follow him on Instagram: @e28stoff

Owner: Kristoff Hemet
Car: 1985 BMW 528e
Motor: Stock M20 “High Efficiency” 2.7L 12V Inline 6 hooked up to the stock 5spd manual gearbox.
Drivetrain: Stock rear wheel drive configuration with IRS.
Suspension: Custom coil-overs on Corrado shocks in the front
Wheels: 15X7 et0 1 piece Gottis with 195/60 tires
Interior: Stock blue vinyl
Special Mods: You’ll see 😉
Special thanks to Kristoff for his time, pictures and his awesome car